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Think beyond the job description.

At SkillSync, our goal is to connect employers and job candidates by matching the skills a candidate has with the skills an employer needs.

We want to turn the tech hiring process on its head.

By focusing on skills, we hope to encourage employers and candidates to think beyond the job description, moving into a process that is simpler and produces better results.

For Candidates

Resume Building

We'll help you build a professional resume you can use to land the job you've always wanted.

Reverse Job Board

Employers will apply to you with a detailed job description, company info, and salary range.


Employers pitch jobs to you based on your listed skills. You decide whether or not to move forward.

For Employers

Focused Recruiting

Let us guide you through creating a simple list of requirements, highlighting the skills that are necessary for the position you want to fill.

Candidate Search

Our algorithms will sift through the talent pool for you, alerting you to those with the highest number of matching essential skills.

Skills Based

Match based on the essential skills list for a specific job, rather than a laundry list of nice-to-haves.